August 15, 2017


This fall, Rob Lowe hosts a segment discussing the advancements being made in cosmetology orthodontics. This episode of Informed will air on PBS member stations nationwide.


August 8, 2017

Informed has recently completed a segment for distribution to PBS member stations which highlights the importance of communities coming together to heal and rebuild after catastrophic events. The series is hosted by actor, Rob Lowe for Public Television.


August 4, 2017


Informed, with Rob Lowe, sent a crew this week to Southern California to capture footage for a series on biodynamic farming in California vineyards.  Once post production is complete, the series will be distributed to PBS member stations throughout California and the U.S.


July 14, 2017


So, you just got back from vacation. You’re relaxed, rejuvenated, stocked up on souvenirs… but there’s one extra thing that you brought home with you that you didn’t intend on taking; extra weight. The newest segment of “Informed” hosted by Rob Lowe will feature the latest trends in organic cleanses that are helping people shed their vacation/holiday weight in a week’s time without harming or shocking the body. These segments are scheduled to air early this Fall.


June 14, 2017


Discover British history in depth in the newest segment of “Informed” highlighting Victorian themed destinations. The Victorian era occurred from 1837 to 1901 under the reign of Queen Victoria and inspired peace and economic growth from Great Britain. What can we learn from this time of prosperity and how can we apply it to our economy today? “Informed” seeks out to answer those questions and more in this latest piece hosted by Rob Lowe.


May 22, 2017


Medical costs related to automobile accidents have added up to almost $23 billion a year in the United States alone. Smartphones and drowsiness are among the leading causes of car accidents, both of which can be avoided. Rob Lowe with “Informed” will be discussing technological innovations that help prevent collisions. Tune in to learn more about options available to make our roads safer.


March 21, 2017


Efficient, durable, and reliable, those are a few of the reasons why many of our childhood memories in school gyms are tied to the faint smell of rubber, and why many other commercial industries choose to use rubber for their flooring as well. Take a look into the manufacturing and the history of rubber tiles in the latest “Informed” segment hosted by Rob Lowe.


February 8, 2017


Take a look under the surface in the latest “Informed” segment to be created for Public Television. Hosted by Golden Globe winner, Rob Lowe, the spot will feature the latest advancements in endoscopic surgery and how this technology is proving to be lifesaving for many people across the globe.


November 11, 2016


Careers in IT are one of the fastest growing job trends on the market.  This is because nearly every industry depends on the electronic transmission of information to get the job done.  From finance to medical and everything in between, we need a technologically savvy workforce to help us keep information flowing.  Watch, Informed, hosted by Rob Lowe, to learn more about this ever-growing need and how these jobs are being filled.