August 16, 2017


Your host of “Informed”, Rob Lowe, is going to be taking viewers into the Publishing industry.



An industry, which is often thought to be shrouded in mystery is having its lid blown off in this latest segment from “Informed” with host Rob Lowe.

Although everyone reads, most people don’t understand the work that goes into taking an idea into print form and ultimately to the shelves of your local bookstore. Finding a publishing company that will not only review a writer’s work as well as publish it is one of the greatest challenges. Having an agent is one of the best ways to get your book recognized by a publishing company. Even once publication has been completed and the book has been distributed to the stores, the promotional efforts made by the writer to get the book recognized can take an emotional and physical toll on them. These issues along with many more are discussed in this episode of “Informed”.

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August 10, 2017


Physical Therapy is the highlight of the most recent episode from the “Informed” series, hosted by Rob Lowe.

Although physical therapy doesn’t invoke thoughts of hard work, it is in fact an intense treatment process. The steadily increasing life expectancy in modern society means that the majority of people will need to seek physical therapy treatment at some point in their lives. The need for orthopedic surgery has increased as the average life span has also increased. Orthopedic surgery is often times associated with old age, however, many times the surgery is required due to sports injuries or even slip and fall accidents. By the year 2020, the number of orthopedic surgeries is expected to reach an astonishing 6.6 million in the United States alone. Discussing orthopedic surgery is important when dealing with physical therapy because physical therapy is almost always the method of treatment after surgery.

Even without orthopedic surgery, physical therapy can be used as a tool to help heal and maintain one’s health after an injury. Physical therapy can also be used to help strengthen a person who has not received any injury in order to prevent one from happening.

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August 4, 2017


The newest segment from the series “Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe, is going to delve into the Green Practices used in Landscape Architecture.

The proper use of landscaping can transform a once bland outdoor space into a beautiful oasis or welcoming entryway. The right plants mixed with the proper positioning and colors can add flair and design to any home or office space, inside and out. Increases in productivity and relaxation can both be the results of proper placement and choice of flowers and foliage. Ensuring that this is done in such a way that is environmentally sound is the focus of the latest segment from the “Informed” series. Advancements made in this field by industry experts have allowed designers and landscapers to work together to create beautiful landscapes that don’t harm the environment. Careful planning and proper methods of conservation contribute to environmentally friends landscape design.

“Informed” will be speaking with industry experts to find out just what environmentally friendly practices are being created and implemented. Experts and growers are working together to make sure that the public has the knowledge and access to the most sustainable products on the market. A greater knowledge of the planet, as well as advancements in technology and sustainability are making for a much greener world, literally and figuratively.

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June 8, 2017


Collegiate Grants and Scholarships are covered on “Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe


Rob Lowe has gained notoriety in the public eye as an actor. He brings this to team up with the popular series “Informed” to educate the public on important topics that impact the public’s lives. This week’s theme helps to educate the public on the collegiate grants and scholarships available to gain a college education.

If you believe you cannot afford a college education, think again because you can. There are grants available from the government and private organizations to help those eligible attend college. Scholarships are also an available option from the government and private companies and individuals. Scholarship eligibility is often based on factors like academic or athletic performance, religious affiliations, heritage, and more.

In the world today, a higher education is more important than ever. College is not cheap, and even students with a substantial college savings can find themselves short of funds before their education is complete. There are more ways to gain the financial assistance necessary to start or complete a college education, which can relieve the financial burden to the family and personal savings.

If you are looking to start college or have a child on a college track, stop and explore collegiate grants and scholarships with Rob Lowe. Learn how college grants are different from scholarships on the next episode of “Informed” distributed nationally to PBS member stations and is broadcast in local television markets all around the country. “Informed” is the popular series that brings important topics into your home with the host, Rob Lowe.


March 23, 2017


“Informed” with Rob Lowe discusses Addiction Treatments


On this episode of Public Television’s “Informed”, actor Rob Lowe will educate and inform viewers on the many types of addictions and their treatments, in the world today.

Drug overdose took the lives of over 38,000 Americans in 2010, more than homicides, suicides, and car accidents combined. Overdoses involving Percodan, OxyContin, Heroin, and Methadone have now become the fastest growing drug problem in the U.S. Based on a study by Columbia University, addiction now ranks as America’s most neglected disease. Forty million people age 12 and up qualify as nicotine, alcohol, or drug addicts. More Americans have addiction problems than cancer, heart disease, or diabetes. With an additional 80 million people, though not addicted, considered “risky substance users. The burden, of enforcement, treatment, and incarceration on our government, exceeds $468 billion annually. Addiction often leads to other problems such as child abuse, domestic violence, car accidents, and unplanned pregnancies. These facts, and much more, will be looked at in greater detail in this chapter of “Informed” with Rob Lowe.

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February 14, 2017

The “Informed” series, with Rob Lowe, will highlight Optometry in a new episode

Optometry is something that many people in America need. While it is not something that is necessary for everyone, for people who have vision issues or believe that they may ave visions issues, going to see an optometrist is imperative. This kind of doctor focuses on vision and will prescribe items to assist with vision included eyeglasses, contacts, or even LASIK surgery. They will work with you to determine what your vision issue is in terms of severity and will help you choose the right solution for your life.

Going to see an optometrist is not as scary as some may believe. The doctor will perform a vision test with you to determine if you do need vision aids. This test usually takes no longer than 15 minutes unless you have a more thorough test completed by the optometrist. At the end, you will know what your vision is and if you need any assistance. It is painless and can help you live a clearer life full of more enjoyment.

If you are interested in learn more about Optometry, what it consists of, and how it works, be sure to watch the upcoming episode of “Informed” hosted by Rob Lowe. As part of the show, you will learn about some trends and hot topics from around the country. it airs on public broadcasting so be sure to check your local listings for channels and times of the show.


September 22, 2016


Excellence in Prep School education is the title of an upcoming “Informed” episode with Rob Lowe

The pros and cons of prep school education will be explored in an upcoming episode of “Informed” with host Rob Lowe. Challenging material and a high quality teaching staff may be attractive to some parents while factors such as cost and physical location may be viewed as negatives. As most prep schools are smaller than their public counterparts, small class sizes and focuses one on one attention draws many attendees. While the role of prep schools is to prepare students for a successful college path, they often include a variety of activities and clubs that help students mature, assume responsibility and explore unfamiliar topics. This episode will highlight all of the issues surrounding the world of achieving excellence in prep school education so that viewers can make informed decisions about education options.

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